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Students with disabilities face a number of challenges, not the least of which is finding the necessary funds to pay for studying fee. Our center has special programs for students with disabilities, though the price for equipment is high, which is why we need your donation. If students themselves have impressive academic records, they can receive scholarships for their achievements.


We have a team of staff who received professional training for dealing with children with special needs


A detailed and dedicated schedule for children with special needs has been fully prepared.


KidsPlay’s equipment for teaching children with disabilities is constantly upgraded.


All of the activities designed for disabled children are purposeful and comprehensive.

Students with disabilities, or severe health issues, should begin their financial aid search by concentrating on regional and national organizations devoted to their specific condition. It can also be beneficial to link the specific disability or health condition with the student’s desired area of study.

Our Valuable Donos

Willie Bradley
Willie Bradley

For more specific information on scholarship programs devoted to helping students with disabilities, please refer to the following sections of KidsPlay website or contact us through phones or emails. Your donation means everything to these students.

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