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KidsPlay has been built for more than 10 years. Obviously, the weather, outside forces, and many other factors have played a significant role in doing damage to our establishments’ paint colors. We need help upon this issue in order to improve the environment for our kids. However, repainting a house is expensive, let alone a whole center’s buildings.


We will repaint all the walls and other exterior parts of KidsPlay’s center.


We don’t just repaint, we need specialists to help us revive and refresh the center.


Professional artists are hired to apply fantastic wall-drawing pieces.


We’ll be adding new decorations to our walls alongside with all windows and doors.

And a nice painting job will enhance the curb appeal and resale value of your home, too. You want to repair and repaint as soon as you notice paint starting to crack, blister, and peel. Ignoring these problems will lead to a much more extensive—and expensive— job.

Our Valuable Donos

Willie Bradley
Willie Bradley

Start by thoroughly examining the outside of the house or outbuilding — not just the exterior walls but under the eaves, around windows and doors, and along the foundation. Look for split shingles and siding, popped nails, peeling or blistering paint, mildew, and rust stains.

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