Fire Camp 2018

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The 10th Fire Camp for kids will take place from the 9th – 20th of August 2018. 12 teams will have to complete the mission of creating fire and live in the wild with only basic needs provided. Above all, kids will learn to survive in the wild with fun-packed activities specially developed to keep them excited and safe at the same time.


Learn to create hand-made arts and decorate the campsite with beautiful arts from kids.


Introduce an entire list of popular camp songs to warm up and connect participants.


Children will have a chance of partaking in different Camp games and won uniques gifts.


We take photos of all precious moments to capture kids’ enjoyable memories.

Our first campfire for kids started 10 years ago with the aim of helping children learn about the importance of wildlife and hot to survive in difficult situations. As people’s perception changed, Fire Camp has gained reputation and become more popular than ever. Now, we hold a Fire Camp every year with hundreds of registrations.

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