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All our kids’ crafts are quick and easy, require minimal equipment and materials, and offer satisfyingly instant results – because we know that even crafty kids like to be able to see the fruits of their labor in action within minutes rather than hours! We have hundreds of crafts for children at Activity Village, many adaptable to suit different ages and abilities and working well with individual children or a large group.


All student’s best crafts are displayed in our gallery room for others to enjoy.


Crafts’ guides for special holidays and festivals are delivered in an appealing way.


KidzGoodies’ teachers are all highly skilled and dedicated with a strong passion.


Crafting contests are held often to encourage student’s to be creative.

Don’t worry that you need any great expertise or a huge amount of supplies and equipment. Crafting with children is all about having fun, experimenting, taking ideas that you see and adapting them to suit what you have available and what you think your children would enjoy most. It is always a good thing to be prepared!

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