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There are things to build and fun to be had, so make sure your guests know where and when to arrive! Make sure you’ve got Lego building blocks on deck and turn your party into whatever you and your guests can imagine! Colors and Lego bricks are the easiest way to make a Lego building block party stand out. Keep with the theme and make sure there’s some corresponding decorations involved!


Brilliant ideas to make unique & creative cards from colorful Lego pieces.


Lego arts that receive the most compliments will be awarded a prize.


Build amazing Lego decorative pieces or items for any purpose or just for fun.


Who knows lego pieces can be such a great gift which shows high creativity.

A colorful Lego-inspired toy brick backdrop is the perfect way to set the tone for a builder’s dream party! Using Lego and toy brick plates and serveware is an easy way to keep up the theme. Incorporate actual Lego bricks into your decorations! Use them to hold the cutlery and napkins, to create drink coasters, and to make stands for the food.

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