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Classrooms have changed dramatically over the last decade with the advent of new technologies and equipment developed to make teaching and learning more diversified and interactive. Today, more teachers than ever are using multimedia projectors in the classroom. For this reason, we are planning to install a projector for each of our KidsPlay classrooms.


Innovated projectors of the new generation are simpler to use than previous models.


Lighter and smaller, the visual shown by new projectors can still meet the HD standard images.


New generation’s projectors have improved lenses which bring about a crystal clear and lively visual.


With new model projector’s screens can give lessons an impressively clear and impact presentation.

Students no longer have to crowd around a computer monitor to view presentations, Web sites or training programs. Multimedia projectors are becoming the centerpiece of classroom technology hubs that directly engage students and add impact to each lesson.

Our Valuable Donos

Willie Bradley
Willie Bradley

The kind of projectors we are going to equip in our classrooms at KidsPlay center is for educational purposes, not for commercial ones. Therefore, it will display HD images with fewer connection options and longer time of use without getting too hot. This makes the price go up spectacularly but it’s all worth it.

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