Flying Kites

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We know that kite building is great for a family reunion craft project.  After the kites are decorated and assembled, everyone can get together and have a bit of a kite flying fun!  Just the thought of the entire family or birthday party group getting together in a common activity will make your party stand out as the best people have been to in years.


Participants will be provided with necessary tools for a zero charge.


The top-voted kites will be displayed at the kite gallery’s showcase garden.


During the kite making process, we hold an exciting kite coloring marathon.


Join our kite flying contest and win exclusive prizes up to 100,000$.

Family reunion games need to be fun and entertain people for a long period of time.  Sometimes there are people with physical limitations at a party who can’t participate in sports or yard games.  The great news about building kites is that anyone can do it!  The adults and grandparents can help some of the little kids with their projects, particularly with assembly.  The kids love to decorate and create vivid designs on all of our kites.

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