Winter Holiday Camp

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Winter holiday camp is an activity camp running right in the middle of winter from 07 to 17 January 2018. You can certainly expect the extremes of American weather. We have seen snow, ice, torrential rain, and bright sunshine. Combine that with the best activities going and we’ve got ourselves a very exhilarating weekend.


Indulge your kids with a variety of snow sports class from skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, etc.


Participate in various contests among children groups to enhance teamwork spirit.


Get to know the outdoor cooking recipes and cooking tips when being strayed.


Go on a search for wild animals in need and perform rescue knowledge on the scene.

At Wintercamp 2018 you’ll be able to try a number of activities at both of our locations including the usual favorites: shooting and archery, crafts, water slide, pressing, radio orienteering, wide games, quad bikes, go-karts and a disco, campfire, and cinema. There will be many others too. Our day and evening programme will keep you totally entertained.

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